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The Metal Method - Level 1

  • 10Weeks
  • 130Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Metal energy is the energy of refinement, reflection, boundaries, structure, and letting go. Healthy, balanced Metal energy gives you the ability to organize, perfect, set healthy boundaries and let go of that which does not serve the highest good without succumbing to the stress emotions of worry and detachment. Balanced Metal energy, especially Metal energy in balance with the other 4 energies, allows a continual ability to perfect the way we live our lives, without succumbing to perfectionism. In this 8 week program you will... -Gain tools to help with the Metal energy stress emotion of grief -Learn how to help excess Metal energy flow into Water energy by seeking the truth of highest good -Support Earth energy to flow into and feed the Metal energy to make sure don't forget the reason you are trying to be more perfect -Bring in Fire energy to help balance the Metal energy and keep it from getting too ridged -Support a healthy Metal energy expression within the body This program guides you through simple steps to do each week. Its easy! But amazing things happen when you take consistent small steps in the right direction. You will have 10 weeks to complete this program so that the steps are able to build off of each other in a consistent manner, but rest assured that there are plenty of grace days built into the program incase you miss a day here or there. And by the end of the program you will be well on your way to learning the Metal Method.

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